NEWS - Two ex Passenger 788's scrapped.

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NEWS - Two ex Passenger 788's scrapped.

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Prestwick, Scotland - Two Boeing 787-8 series aircraft, registered as VP-CVL and VP-CVM, have been confirmed as scrapped at Prestwick Airport due to the prohibitive costs of making them airworthy again. The decision came after prolonged storage in close proximity to the sea, which led to significant corrosion and other structural issues, rendering the aircraft unfit for further operation.

The process of storing grounded aircraft, especially near coastal areas, can be challenging and costly. The salt-laden air and high humidity prevalent in such regions accelerate the corrosion of exposed metal components, impacting the airworthiness of the planes over time.

The airline owning the aircraft acknowledged that VP-CVL and VP-CVM had been grounded for an extended period of over two years, awaiting a suitable operator or solution to their airworthiness concerns. However, as the costs of repairs and maintenance continued to escalate, it became apparent that restoring them to an operational state would be economically unviable.

The dismantling of the planes was carried out inside the 747 maintenance hangar at Prestwick Airport to avoid public view, ensuring the process remained discreet.

Despite the unfortunate end of VP-CVL and VP-CVM, the aviation industry continues to emphasize the importance of regular inspections, proper maintenance, and suitable storage conditions for aircraft to ensure their prolonged service life and airworthiness.

The B787-8, known for its fuel efficiency and advanced technologies, remains a popular choice for airlines globally. This incident highlights the significance of proper storage facilities and measures to protect grounded aircraft, particularly in regions with adverse environmental conditions.

As the industry strives for sustainability and cost-effectiveness, airline operators are increasingly focusing on comprehensive aircraft storage plans to mitigate potential damages and ensure that aircraft remain airworthy when needed.

It is worth noting that decisions related to aircraft decommissioning and scrapping are complex and involve numerous considerations, including economic viability, safety concerns, and environmental impacts including the disposal of the carbon fibre composites.

While VP-CVL and VP-CVM have met their final fate, the aviation community continues to work together to enhance aircraft maintenance and storage practices to preserve the longevity of the global fleet and promote environmentally responsible solutions.
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